Our Lab

Thanks to Tel Aviv Uni, the ERC, the ISF, and the MOS support, we can use advanced measurement and fabrication facilities, including our own clean-room lab facility. We also support external users from other research groups and industry. 

Our lab facilities include: advanced AFM microscopes, confocal Raman mapping, optical microscopes, flak transfer (stamping) station, advanced plasma etching and advanced bulk materials sputter deposition tools, low-temperature AFM, He3 cryogenic system with 8 Tesla magnet, PPMS with 14T magnet.

To define the structure geometry with nm resolution, we use a RAITH II electron beam lithography tool in TAU Nano-center.


Our clean room lab

Specialize in Layered crystals like graphite, which form strong covalent bonds in one plane and a relatively weak “van-der-Waals” attraction between the different planes.

We isolate the atomically thin layers and then stack them together like LEGO blocks to make new artificial materials and pursue our (hopefully innovative) ideas. The LEGO concept in artificial vdW structures revealed new quasi-particles and correlated phenomena.

Recently, we showed that switching between different crystals is possible by sliding the layers.